What do Sundays mean to you? For us, it is to do what we like the most, surrounded by our friends.
Sundays (SNDS) Cycling Club is not a standard club or a standard brand, we like to call it a lifestyle. Our personality is embodied in SNDS. While we ride our bikes and after the ride, we enjoy the city.
How we get out to pedal, what we do post pedalling, the music we listen to, the places we visit, the trends we like, the friends who collaborate with us .... all this is "Sundays".
"Snds" does not understand labels or levels; it only aims to take our spirit to everyone who enjoys doing what they really like, on or off the bike.
We are based in Barcelona and we explore other spots in search of experiences that reflect our spirit.
Our products are mainly developed, customized and finished in Barcelona by local brands and workshops, avoiding plastic use and pollutants.
 Follow us on our networks to join our organized monthly outings and check our latest products and become a part of SundaysCylcingClub.

#wearesnds #makeyourownroad