To attack

Our mission is to provide you with cycling kit that helps you to look good, feel good and ride faster.


Ideas, individuality and fearless design are the bond that hold Attaquer together. Borne out of a need for exciting, fresh and fashion-forward cycling kits, Attaquer breaks all the rules of what you’ve come to know of your kit with innovative and technical product development and conceptual updates on traditional cycling apparel. Established in Sydney, Australia in late 2012, founders Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin, combined more than 15 years of cycling, fashion and brand management experience to create Attaquer.

Designed by Australian street and fashion artists and crafted in Italy, we know what cyclists want when it comes to clothing and favour a combination of comfort, performance and fashion-forward style, so you'll turn heads for all the right reasons. Attaquer is the French word for "to attack", which we reckon is perfect for a company that lives and breathes cycling. When the French pronounce it, it sounds like 'attack' or 'attak'. We tend to pronounce our moniker 'Attaker' or 'Attacker'. However you pronounce it, Attaquer exists to provide you with premium cycling clothing that will help you stand out in the pack. Attaquer is a true pioneer in the cycling market and is not about producing homogenised kits for the standard cyclist. It’s a lifestyle. It lives and breathes the sport but likes to have fun and never takes itself too seriously. With a unique diversity that allows Attaquer to straddle multiple points of difference, the brand remains as effortlessly on-point, as it should be.