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This tape is for those that love being flamboyant, in a stealthy way. Featuring spot uv print, this black on black glistens when light kisses it at the right angle. Leaving people gobsmacked that it wasn't just black tape. It's the little details that count.


Limited edition seasonal releases provide a unique and tight-knit community of aesthetically inspired cyclists. Burgh Cycling aims to create a unique look on the modern bike. In an industry where visual appeal is all the rage, we aim to add a little to the area we all connect with.


Burgh Cycling prides itself on a unique blend of comfort, grip, performance, and style. We use a 40mm tape width, which gives you plenty of tape to cover your bars, and provides amazing shock absorption. The polymer mixture provides fantastic grip even in the wettest of conditions. So whether you are bouncing over cobbles, sliding around in the mud at cyclocross, or racing down the highways, Burgh tapes get you there in style. 


The unique polymer blend creates a surface that is grippy in the wettest of conditions, that is also water resistant. Our tapes are perfect for riders who love the gravel and mud, with cleaning being as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth, meaning your tape stays cleaner, for longer.  

Bar ends included.

BURGH CYCLING 'X Stealth' Bar Tape BURGH CYCLING 'X Stealth' Bar Tape

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BURGH CYCLING 'X Stealth' Bar Tape BURGH CYCLING 'X Stealth' Bar Tape