The Wonderful Socks


Eye-catching socks made in Italy for professionals athletes, weekend warriors and multi-sport enthusiasts, who keep striving to test their own limits.


The Wonderful Socks have sport as their mission and are conceived as a glorious tribute to all sports. A stylish world made of passion and technical skills, of unselfishness, antagonism, struggle and sweat. The results of your efforts are satisfaction and fond memories, along with the awareness of your limits and a truly open mind. Your daily effort outlines boundaries and helps override them.

Embracing this philosophy and giddy with competitive edge, TWS sought out the most significant stories in the sporting world. Tales that narrate the heroics of great men and women who reached their goals. People capable of phenomenal achievements. Legends who inspired us to create the perfect socks for the genuine athlete. Every single Wonderful Sock tells a story inspired by the achievements of great sportspeople, a race or a single extraordinary sporting event. The stories are the perfect excuse to inspire you to improve your everyday performances. Or convince you to start a new sport. Your will is everything. It’s the guide that will help you to reach your goals. The bigger the effort, the bigger the reward.