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Keep your feet warm and your shoes clean with these traditional cycling overshoes. Aside from improving your comfort, they also provide an aerodynamic covering which smooths out bumps caused by buckles and straps.

Cutting your shoe covers

Traditional shoe covers require you to cut the hole to suit the position of your cleats. The best way to do this is:

1. Pull the cover over your shoe, while they're not being worn.
2. With a sharp pair of scissors or a safety razor cut a vertical (in line with the sole of the shoe) slit where your cleats sit.
3. Stretch the the hole around the outside of the cleat and you're done!

Tip: Try to only cut the slit as long as it needs to be, as the hole formed will stretch around the outside of the cleat.


Heat and spin cycles may cause issues for performance fabrics, so if you avoid those and stick to the following instructions you’ll keep your kit looking and feeling it's best:

Attaquer Care Instructions Cool washAttaquer Care Instructions Do Not Tumble DryAttaquer Care Instructions Do Not BleachAttaquer Care Instructions Do Not IronAttaquer Care Instructions Do Not Dry Clean

  • Washing machine at cool (30°c max)
  • Only use quality detergent
  • No spin cycle
  • No tumble dry


  • do not bleach
  • do not iron
  • do not dry clean
  • do not use fabric softeners

Please note: Cheap, low-quality detergents, particularly when used with top-loader washing machines, can cause discolouration of garments as detergent will often not been sufficiently dissolved prior to contact with fabrics. Damage of this nature will not be covered under warranty.




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