Grinta is Italian for "TOUGH"
In Dutch, the word for gravel is "GRINT"
Grinta conjures up visions of someone who has gravel in their gut.

At Grinta we want to shine a light on aspects of cycling which interest us - the pleasure, the pain, the ecstasy and the agony.

These things come in different packages and take place in different arenas, depending on whether you are a racer, tourer, ultra-endurance rider, grand fondo fanatic, photographer, frame-builder, mechanic, sponsor, bike guide, bike-restorer, soigneur or roadside fan…but they all have two things in common – the bike and passion.

When we combine bikes and passion we drive ourselves to the limit, we test our toughness and ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Our darkest moments on the bike make the brightest moments shine brighter.

At our limits we battle self-doubt yet we are humbled by the fact that we share the exact sensations of pain with millions who have gone before, from world champions to weekend warriors. We know for certain that Peter Sagan feels the same hurt in his legs as the last rider in the Gran Fondo Stelvio and that Pierre Rolland’s hand bleeds just like ours when it is driven into the bitumen.