At Kirschner Brazil, we make cycling clothing to suit the way we want to ride

At Kirschner Brazil, we ride to feel the wind on our face and the sun on our legs. We ride to remember how it feels to be at a knife-edge of fitness and to forget the stress and frustration of daily life. We ride to push ourselves, through the pain to become faster, better and stronger. Most of all, we just ride and have created stylish, functional kit, transplanting European cycling heritage to new and fertile lands. Cycling is not a mainstream sport in Brazil, but we believe that this beautiful sport can thrive on our mountain, forest and ocean roads. We exist for the dedicated minority, and we make the clothing – inspired by the European greats, with added Brazilian flair – that our cyclists deserve.

We exist for the dedicated minority

Kirschner Brazil’s clothing stands for functionality, understated style and attention to detail. Our cycling clothing is designed with the fit and features that make sense during hard hours in the saddle, while our casual clothing is perfect to relax in when not on the bike or riding your fixie.