Mous Products

The Mouse Products Fitness Bottle

A healthier more hygienic way to hydrate and fuel your body. The MOUS fitness bottle and protein shaker is designed for your health by minimizing bacteria accumulation and using the highest quality BPA free and non-toxic materials. The one fitness bottle for all your hydration needs; water infusions, smoothies and supplements! 

Hydrate, fuel, nourish and stay healthy with the MOUS fitness bottle.

The creation of the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle came from a desire for a healthier, more environmentally sustainable, hydrating and supplementing experience. Living an active and healthy lifestyle, creators Matthew Kempe and Jarahad Valeri, found themselves unsatisfied by conventional water and shaker bottlesFrustrated by poor quality bottles, Matthew and Jarahad set out to design a bottle that provided a healthier, more hygienic way to hydrate and fuel their bodies. One that would join them on their fitness journey wherever that may take them.

With their background in product design engineering, the boys were up for the challenge. But before any designing began they first took the time to understand the problems with the current range of water and shaker bottles on the market. Detailed research led the boys to discover that poor quality plastics filled with potentially harmful chemicals and the inability to thoroughly clean the bottle could lead to  health issues for the user.

After the eye-opening findings the boys shifted their focus to designing a fitness bottle that would place the health of the user at the centre. This led to the first fitness bottle with no hard to clean groves and a truly round bottom. The lack of groves and round bottom feature means there are no corners that supplement powder, smoothie or other remains of a drink can get lodged in. This unique design feature ensures a healthier way to stay hydrated and eliminates the risk of bacteria growing!

Being involved in fitness and focused on keeping healthy the guys know that fitness is about more than exercise and that being healthy isn’t just about eating your greens. Health and fitness has become a lifestyle, a lifestyle where people are focused on the physical and mental benefits that can be gained, a lifestyle that will provide for a better, more enjoyable future.

The MOUS fitness bottle holds the ability to change the way in which we hydrate and fuel our bodies. Its’ design fulfills all the liquid ways in which we now choose to stay healthy, whether it be in the form of water infusions, supplements, smoothies or good old plain water. Its’ balance of functionality and style makes it more than just a bottle that meets all demands of an active lifestyle – it makes it a companion for the active and health conscious individual looking to achieve their fitness goals.

The MOUS team are focused on your health. Stay hydrated and healthy with MOUS!