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An area where one may frequently range at large; a person's haunt or resort. An outlying district or region, the outskirts of a town or city.

Cycling is as much about discovery as it is about athleticism. We gain knowledge of the terroir we ride by experiencing it firsthand. We are often guided by those who have ridden those roads ahead of us. Advice is passed on between riding mates, where tall tales are interwoven with false words of encouragement regarding the difficulty of what lay ahead. Purlieu is a spotlight on some of the best cycling districts all over the world by those that are closest to them. We're featuring locals who are all too keen to share their favourite backroads, laneways, gravel paths and single tracks. We're not editing out any of the tall truths or the war stories, instead, we'll be showcasing them for you all to read. We're after the inside knowledge from the ride leaders, the weekend warriors and the adventurous at heart. If you have a great discovery, a tale of adventure or a cycling story you'd like share please email us: dopesocks@sockdoping.cc  



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