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Born in the hellish depths of Tasmania’s rugged wilderness, Burgh Cycling was founded on the basis that there was an evident gap in the market for bar tape with a difference.

Burgh Cycling specialises in creating and designing premium quality bar tapes, ensuring no matter the location or conditions on your ride, you never have to stress about what is wrapped around your bars.
The Burgh philosophy heavily bases itself around creating products last, can easily be cleaned and that continues to offer superior grip in even the wettest of conditions. Inspiring design and high-tech construction merge as one to bring the cycling community a fresh take on how things can look on the front of your bike.
From its inception, the brand was heavily focused on the idea of community and interaction between the end consumers and the Burgh development team. We continually sought feedback at every stage of prototyping to see how Burgh could provide a better experience, product and aesthetic than the products that already existed. By having this open communication Burgh can collaborate with local illustrators and designers to really strengthen the Tasmanian and Australian ties in the brand.
This community aspect shines through with Burgh’s partnership with the local Adelaide cycling group, Centino. This group of friends come together to enjoy the comradery cycling brings. Be it slogging up a steep incline, or cruising along the coast. These guys sure know how to do it.
In the future Burgh aims to create a new tape each month, gaining inspiration from around the globe with current design trends and just the downright weird. That’s right, we want to be weird. Burgh doesn’t have any aspirations of being huge, we just want to have a tight-knit group of like-minded riders who enjoy our products. We enjoy ourselves when we are creating, and we look forward to bringing you our next limited edition range shortly. 

Burgh's first edition 'X Stealth' bartape is available now and features a unique 40mm width, giving you more tape, less wrapping and better grip in all applications. 


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